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Don’t set the benchmark, BE THE BENCHMARK!!
  • Event Date: 10-Nov-2020
  • Updated On: 10-Nov-2020
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Description: Don’t set the benchmark, BE THE BENCHMARK!! Allenhouse Pubic School, Rooma promulgates its first-ever Virtual Inter-School Fest BENCHMARK-2020. In wake of the prevailing situation and its consequential aftermath, Benchmark introduces an array of grandiose events from 10th December, 2020 to 12th December, 2020. Benchmark offers multifarious acts with vividness in presentation. The students in-charge have put in lots of intellection to offer an array of activities combining dramatics, composing music with innovative techniques, honing scientific activities, nurturing artistic skills and feeding the thinking faculty with rational thoughts. The purpose of Benchmark is to offer variety and substance while arousing the keen interest of the participants. The students from esteemed schools will be participating with full enthusiasm.
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