Parents Feedback
  • Good morning ma'am...

    The initiative of online classes taken by Allenhouse school is really innovative and fruitful. In this way the children are in touch with studies and spare time during lockdown is not being wasted. This way their course is also being covered, so children will not be lagging behind when schools reopen.

    Neha mishra - mother of Atharv Mishra (1-A)

  • Hats off to the teachers and the school to take the initiative of online classes. The efforts put in by the teachers are commendable. Looking for appropriate videos for the related topics must be tiring but you all are doing it. In this lockdown, without domestic help teachers are managing all this.

    Indeed you all are superheroes. The children are occupied with their classes and work .They are enjoying it as well. Thank You for taking this step.

  • Dear Teachers,

    Thank you for your contribution towards studies of our children at this difficult time of Pandemic outbreak.

    Your efforts are much appreciated as this keeps the students updated with subjects, busy and good utilisation of few hours. The good habit of staying in discipline with books and teachers is much needed at this time of Universal pain.

    My best Wishes to you and to entire team of Allen for upkeep of students welfare.

  • Good evening mam,

    These online classes are excellent to keep our kids busy in these unavoidable circumstances. These classes are really helpful to avoid any loss in kids study. Thanks to all the teachers and staff for arranging these classes and shaping our child's future bright.

    Mother of Agrim Tripathi , Kamakshi Tripathi

  • Dear Mam,

    The finest example of the right and meaningful usage of technology has been showcased by Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi line, Kanpur. Without our intervention the worry of children being out of the syllabus for a long time was taken care by the school teachers and staff. Voice notes, modulations helping children to get the voice likewise ... Children having virtual classes are enjoying at homes and are deeply associated with their Books ... ..Thank you to all the teachers and staff for taking so much pain.

  • I Monika Arora mother of Manbir Singh ( 7C) give my sincere thanks to all the teachers of Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi line, for taking out time from their busy schedule in this lockdown period when all of us are engaged in household chores , teachers have taken commendable efforts in explaining and giving the notes to the children. Teachers are taking attempts to clear maximum doubts. A great effort done by Allenhouse teaching staff. A big salute to you all

    Thanks a lot

  • I Sweety Khandelwal mother of Raj Khandelwal appreciate this good step taken by Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi line, towards studies. I would like to thank the teachers for giving their valuable time to the class one - learning and providing them with explanations and notes . I thank teachers for making studies possible in this tough period.

    Thanks a lot APS.

  • Dear Teachers,

    This is really tough time for everyone as we all are fighting with this curse covid _19. I am sure that we will come out of this big problem very soon. I am very thankful and glad towards the steps taken by school and teachers who are so careful and supporting about e-learning at home. This is great in keeping the children busy in studies.

    I am Prabhav's mom take care

  • Dear Teacher,

    "Not all beautiful people are in the Bollywood..a few are teachers!!!"

    From the bottom of my heart , I would like to thank you for the initiative taken by you all. We are living in the 21st century where everything is digital...from paying bills to ordering food...from booking tickets to transferring money via mobile phones. I as a student always wished to learn from home ONLINE as I saw my father having meetings with his clients via Skype and Video Conferences .In this time of stress and chaos , the teachers took out their precious time to make notes and browse videos on various apps so that WE CHILDREN don't have loss in our studies.

    This interesting way of learning not only makes it easy but fun too. This way of learning not only encourages one to just learn the book but understand the same to the fullest. A child like me who sleeps at 2 in the night and wake up at 10 in the morning during holidays now is back to her routine. It not only keeps me busy in the morning but glued to it and make me feel fresher after hearing my teachers voice . I would like to thank everyone from the management to the teachers ... From the parents to the children for supporting this initiative.

    "A teacher teaches from her heart not a book"

    With utmost respect I salute you all

    Thank you !!

    Samiksha Bhandari IX – C