principal's message

"If we were all alike, it might be convenient for the bureaucrat and the statistician, but it would be very dull and would lead to an unprogressive society” – Bertrand Russell

A learning environment becomes perfect when the individual differences are always appreciated, because we can make a child behave in a particular way through negative or positive correction but can we force a child to learn ?

Well... the desire from within, is a direct motivation for a child to learn. Learning is not a process limited to school, in fact, it is a lifelong process.

Being in the field of education a student, teacher and Principal, I feel the need of a clarion call for a culture to wise up and rethink what education and the soul of a child are all about.

At Allenhouse School, Rooma, besides focusing rigorously on academics, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. We model a unique kind of possibility and adapt various methods suiting the dynamics of the changing world, in order to make our children, the global citizens.

Our school aims to provide students, the canvas of hope with the brush of a glorious vision, to paint their portrait of excellence.

Best wishes
Komal Dewan